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Saturday, October 05, 2024

Every Good Gift Is From God

JAMES 1:17 WEYMOUTH 17 Every gift which is good, and every perfect boon, is from above, and comes down from the Father, who is the source of all Light. In Him there is no variation nor the slightest suggestion of change.

Whatever good that you enjoy in life is because of God. Because of His love for you, He created it.

Do you enjoy eating good food? Who designed that food? Who planned it all out so you could have it and enjoy it?

Do you enjoy beautiful scenes in nature -- sunsets, flowers, butterflies, wild animals, mountains? God created them all for your pleasure.

Do you enjoy a mother's love? God created mothers and put within them the capacity to love their children.

Do you enjoy the love of a spouse? God created them and put within them the capacity to love you.

I could go on.

When you think this through, you realize that God actually loves you and helps you through other people. He put the love within them -- so He is the ultimate source of the love you receive from others.

Everything good about life is attributable to God. Everything that we enjoy -- He created it, or the raw materials and the ability for humans to produce it.

As you think of all this, I hope you are struck with two thoughts: I would like to be closer to this kind of God, and I should be more thankful to God for more things than I have been.

SAY THIS: Thank you God my Father for all the good you have created, designed, and provided for me.


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