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Message Archive

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Who We Are

We are followers of Jesus Christ. We have no affiliation or connection with any other group or denomination.

Each day we provide a teaching message from the Bible. Most are short, but all are as short as possible to cover the subject.

Our statement of faith is: Jesus is Lord and the Bible is the Word of God.

If Jesus is your Lord, you are part of our family, although you may have many different ideas. If you are not yet part of our family, we believe you should become a part by receiving the Lord Jesus Christ.

Bible Translations

Our daily messages use a variety of Bible translations. To lookup information on a translation used, go here.

Please do not write to tell us about using only the King James Version of the Bible. We have already been down that road and know the arguments.

But, we also know the difficulty of communicating with non-church people when using the KJV.

And, we have known the leanness of soul that comes from neglecting the Bible -- sometimes simply because it was boring -- having read it so many times and being so familiar with it.

And we have known the joy that comes from finding modern language translations that seem to speak to our hearts in a fresh way, and help us to grasp what the Word was saying all along -- but we had missed it because of the language.

There is, alas, no perfect translation of the Bible into English. They are all translations done by fallible men. But they all have some value.

I have always said that anyone who knows enough Hebrew and/or Greek to translate the Bible knows more than I do. So any intelligent person would realize they could learn something from them.

My suggestion to you is that you use modern translations like devotional commentaries. Read them and let the Lord speak to you through them. But when you do your detailed study, then I suggest you stick with the KJV or the New King James Version, and the Greek and Hebrew text behind them.

I now have over 60 Bibles and I value each one of them highly. The important thing is not which Bible translation you use, it is whether you act on the Bible teaching you know and manifest the love of God to the world.

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