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Tuesday, April 11, 2023

Heaven Is Our Home

PHILIPPIANS 3:20 LB 20 But our homeland is in heaven, where our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ, is; and we are looking forward to his return from there.

Heaven is a real place. In fact, Heaven is ultimate reality. There are real people there, involved in real activities. But most importantly, our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ and our Father God are there.

Sometimes people talk of someone who has departed this life as "having gone to their reward."

Heaven is not a reward.

There will be rewards given out by God, but going to Heaven is not a reward. Heaven is a return to normal.

That's right. Heaven is the way life was supposed to be. Heaven is normal. What we have been experiencing on this sin-infested planet is sub-normal.

But part of the Good News is that Jesus will not leave this place, or us, sub-normal forever. One day, maybe soon, Jesus will return from Heaven and change things on Earth back to what God intended when He created this place.

Everything on Earth, as originally created, was a reflection of the home planet, Heaven. All the beauty and everything good that we enjoy on Earth is but a dim reflection of what Heaven offers.

What makes Heaven our home? Home is where your family is. Home is where you are comfortable. Home is where you have a place to live. Home is where you belong. For the believer in Jesus Christ, Heaven fits all those descriptions.

SAY THIS: Heaven is my home.


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