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Wednesday, May 03, 2023

Sin Hurts

ROMANS 6:23 ICB 23 When someone sins, he earns what sin pays--death. But God gives us a free gift--life forever in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Sin is a teacher whose lessons are hard and painful.

You can't keep your hand in fire without being burned. And you can't sin without hurting people.

Sin harms humans. That's why God classifies it as sin. All sin hurts someone. The reason God is against sin is because He is for people.

Because sin has consequences, it eventually will convince you of the error of sinning -- if you live long enough. But why ruin your life finding out what you can know now just by reading the Bible?

God is not a killjoy. His purpose is not to keep the human race from enjoying life.

All that God has written in the Bible is for our benefit. God already knows everything. He gave us the Bible so we could know the truth.

The truth is: sin is bad. Sin hurts.

SAY THIS: Sin is deadly and I want nothing to do with it.


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